Monday, July 9, 2012

Stonyford Fire Getting Worse - 3pm Update

3PM Photo of Fire Approaching Gilmore

According to reports from HQ’s Jeff Applegate and our FS contacts, the Mill Fire on the Grindstone Ranger District has gotten much worse.   According to our man on the ground, things are intensifying up there.  All of the main ridge-line trails and their off-shoots are being impacted. 
So far the whole south-end front country is being destroyed.  The ridges being gobbled up by fire are Trough, Grove, Salt, Hornet’s Nest, Gilmore and everything connecting them together, which amounts to all the front country riding. 
In addition, Letts ridge and a lot of Potato Hill are wiped out.    The fire is currently dropping down towards the area just south of Stonyford and is advancing on the Harvey (Taz Harvey Family) Ranch, Ray’s Ranch (Phil Ray, owner of Modesto Kaw),  and East Park Estates (the loop).  Also, several of my friends from the conservation community have property up there.
The 3 p.m. photo above is taken from Applegate’s front yard.  Notice Gilmore Peak in the path of the advancing fire.  There is a community meeting briefing scheduled for 1900 tonight in Stonyford.
Let’s keep everybody in our thoughts and prayers!

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