Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday O-Dark Thirty Report on Stonyford Fire - Things Looking Up

Photo (July 12) above:  Backfires at the Harvey place
Photo (July 12) below: Backfires and crews at the Ray place 

This is HQ’s Friday “O-Dark Thirty” report.  According to our man on the ground, Jeff Applegate, a
lot of the front country went up in smoke in the backfires today.
 Gilmore and Crackerbox went up in flame today, but he Handlebar Ranch (owned by Taz Harvey and family, off-road motorcycle and auto racer) and the 4Q Ranch (owned by Phil Ray, dirt-track legend and owner of Modesto KAW) should now be safe.
 They used air dropped ping pong balls, very pistols,  and drip torches for the burn out.  Everything is going according to plan on the east flank.  Two spots are burning very hot on their own...Lower Letts area and the area to either side of Trail 22 directly north of the Little Stony Day Use area.
There is a large contingent of resources in the Little Stony Area, so HQ is confident  they will protect that staging area.  Fire is now estimated at 18K and continues to grow.  48% containment as of last night. 
Looking better, but a lot of damage has been sustained to our trail system.

HQ wants to thank all of its readers for their thoughts and prayers regarding the fire threats to life, property, and the natural resources.   We also want to salute the firefighters and tanker crews for working very hard in the extreme hot weather.


  1. Thanks for keeping readers updated on the fire. My father lives to the north of Handlebar Ranch and had described on the phone what had happened with the backfires. But, the pictures give a visual to what he was explaining. I am very thankful for all of the hard work of the personnel working to fight the fire!

  2. Glad to hear that Phil and Harvey place appear spared. Phil gave me and a bunch of friends a tour of Stony a couple of years ago during our annual guys trip up there. Special thanks and prayers go out to everyone affected and all helping out up there. Be safe.