Monday, July 9, 2012

Massive Wildfire at N. Cal OHV Area

Photo taken July 8 in the evening by Jeff Applegate looking up from his house near Stonyford
to Trough Springs Area

How many remember the 2001 Trough Fire that nuked the Fouts Springs OHV Area and burned through the Snow Mountain Wilderness? 
It looks like we have a repeat going on with the new Mill Fire that started on July 7.  According to information given today to the HQ by the former FS OHV manager, Jeff Applegate,  who lives near Stonyford  - the fire is approaching 10k acres and has burned up everything between Fouts Springs and Trough Ridge clear down to the Visitor Station.
Jeff says the prognosis is not good with voluntary evacuations all the way down Fouts Springs Road to Stonyford.  Many trails in the Letts Ridge area are burned over including Letts Ridge 32.  It also appears that somebody  started additional 5 fires yesterday afternoon on Sites Lodoga Road totally 2.5K acres. 
Both fires are still very active with more trails in the Hornet’s  Nest Cracker Box and Trough Ridge areas threatened.  So far the staging area and Boy's Ranch are intact, but fire bumping both areas. 
Will keep you posted as news breaks.

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