Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Something Stinks - Energy Ethics at Interior

The OHV community is being hammered on a daily basis with TMR-related closures, abuse of cost-recovery for permitted events, eco-lawsuits, and the sage grouse (just to name a few).
Recently, HQ has been focusing some attention to the large number of wind and solar energy projects that are being fast-tracked by the Obama Administration and Department of Interior.  The national media ran a story on March 17 about some ethically-challenged energy policy advisors at Interior and the NextEra project.

LA Times Article

With even simple OHV projects (new well at Stonyford or the Carnegie SVRA lands opened for public use) being held up for 4-12 years or more due to the state and federal regulatory process and “environmental concerns” pressed by anti-access groups, HQ believes there is a double standard being practiced by some green advocates and their friends in high (or low) places.
Several weeks ago, HQ got a blind fax (from a land agency employee who was fed up with the double-speak) regarding letters sent by pro-access Senator Jeff Session asking for accountability by Interior on the NextEra Project and a number of other energy efforts.

Senator Session’s Letters to Interior

It’s time that major energy projects on public lands get the same level of environmental scrutiny as OHV projects that seek to install a new well at a FS or BLM campground or build a dirt-bike trail.
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