Monday, March 19, 2012

FS/Wildlands CPR Trail Controversy Grows

The Forest Service/Wildlands CPR new trail guide saga gets even stranger when you read
CPR’s recent blog on the subject.  The blog also contains an overview regarding questions from a recent senate hearing where Chief Tidwell was asked about the project.

Wildlands CPR Blog (hey we did not do anything wrong)

You will also enjoy the March 13 Wildlands letter to the FS where they defend the tone, direction, and content of their contribution to the “Comprehensive Framework for OHV Trail Management”

Wildlands CRP Letter to the Forest Service

HQ continues to believe the OHV community deserves an apology from the agency for what appears to be gross incompetence by the Missoula FS editor to catch the project’s slurs, slights, and errors.  On the other hand, if this turns out to have been a rogue operation authorized without approval by FS WO OHV staff -- or worse yet a report that used taxpayer funds to supplant the existing FS trail manual that was developed with input from FS OHV master performers – the OHV community will deserve a lot more than a simple apology.

When a local unit needs approval from the Regional or Washington Office to change what brand of toilet paper they are using in restrooms, this issue begs the question…”How in the heck did this project get approved and funded?”

The saga continues.

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  1. My response to WCPR:

    USFS use on your "BMP"s is tantamount to you having written the book on OHV. No OHV groups were asked to participate directly, yet your one sided "opinion" was used to formulate how to "guide" my hobby. The USFS guide, or any government "rule", should be put together by unbiased outside parties, based on logic, not an ingrained hatred for the subject matter. Vilsack is, as far as I am concerned, obligated to dump the "guide" and turn the whole process over to a nuetral party for further work. Yes, stakeholders, including you, should be involved, and opinions taken for what they may be worth, but none of us should be allowed the influence you were given here. Our Forests require multiple use for the most good for the most people. Period!

    1. Dave,

      Thanks for the reply! By the time you followed the new Bogus Management Practices (BMPs), regarding the closing of trails that were near streams, trees, shrubs, and in public view -- there would not be any place to ride.