Friday, March 9, 2012

OHV Event Bans Coming Soon to a Riding Area Near You?

The Recreation HQ still believes that motorized special events (enduros, dual-sports, club runs, etc.) face serious hurdles in the Greater Sage Grouse public land issue. BRC posted an alert yesterday with a sample letter/talking points that riders can use to submit their own personal comments by March 23.

BRC Greater Sage Grouse Alert

The recent grouse-related deferment of gas and oil leases by the BLM is a harbinger of what organized off-road events will face unless the BLM revises their IMs and/or allows local land managers to use common sense.

Deferment of Oil and Gas Leases

HQ urges riders and clubs to send in comments and ask the BLM to place them on the grouse mailing lists. Gear up now for a long fight.

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