Thursday, March 15, 2012

Smoked Bear Says "Actively Manage our Public Lands"

As the Recreation HQ prepares for a number of projects this year on public lands, we believe it is important to remember that wildfire season is quickly approaching.

Most of us are familiar with the Forest Service’s Smokey Bear program. While Smokey Bear works hard to educate the public on the prevention of wildfires, HQ believes it is missing the bigger picture of how to actively manage public lands to reduce the size and number of catastrophic wildfires that are impacting rural residents, wildlife, and recreation.

HQ has found that Smokey Bear has a younger brother called “Smoked Bear.” Smoked Bear advocates for active management (e.g. logging and grazing) to help reduce the fuel load and hence reduce the number of severe wildfires.

Smoked Bear Website

There are some pretty cool videos and audio recordings that carry the “active management” message. Feel free to browse that website.

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