Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wilderness Incursion Hurts the Sport

The Recreation HQ wants to highlight this story as an example of how a few irresponsible riders can ruin  decades of hard work undertaken by the FS, OHMVR, and recreation groups to keep riding areas open for motorized use. Taking your OHV or OSV into federally designated Wilderness areas is illegal and not cool.

Article on Incursion into the Mokelumne Wilderness

Be sure and let your riding buddies know that blatant illegal trespass hurts our sport and can result in areas (such as the Blue Lakes/OSV Snow Park off of Highway 88 in CA) getting closed to motorized vehicles or impact the opening of news areas for our use.

HQ knows that 98 percent of OHV/OSVers are responsible riders. However, because of the actions of the 2%ers -- we now have to work overtime to mitigate the political damage they caused.

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