Monday, September 12, 2011

Algore's 24-Hour Eco Fraud-a-Thon Starts Sept. 14

Rare Photo of Algore on a Dirt-Bike

The Recreation HQ almost busted a gut today when it read a news article about Algore’s 24-Hour Eco-Fraud-a-Thon slated to run later this week (Sept 14).

News Article on Algore’s Fraud-a-Thon

Algore’s Website

It appears that our favorite green hypocrite is going to try one more time to convince you with his apocalyptic eco-hype that the world is about to end if you don’t quit driving your car (or dirt-bike, ATV, UTV, or 4WD) and flying on jets (remember it is OK for him to drive a SUV or fly on a jet because he is important and you are not).

According to the Reuters report, Algore wants use of your social media networks to bombard your friends with his eco-BS.

Several years ago, HQ warned riders about these types of schemes (see blog below)

The Recreation HQ’s blog on Global Warming and Eco-Hoaxes

As the far-left greens continue to try and indoctrinate you with their eco-babble, HQ urges you to do the research yourself and make your own decisions.


  1. That photo of Algore on a dirt-bike is scary.

  2. Although I'm skeptical of Big Al's alarmist approach, just know that there are some of us who agree with you and still consider ourselves environmentalists along his lines.

    Dismissing Big Al's presentations as eco-hype is as bit too simplistic. There's both good and bad in his arguments.

    I'll fight to the death for OHV access, give BRC my time & money and support every initiative that helps the cause. But I also consider myself an environmentalist and recognize Big Al's contribution to awareness.

    Is that hypocritical? In some eyes probably yes. But I consider dirt bikers, ATV and off-road enthusiasts the most die-hard environmentalists I know. We enjoy the outdoors, need to keep the it beautiful and the whole reason we're riding off-road in the fist place is because we love being surrounded by nature. Only faster and with a helmet!

    Keep up the fight, and know that we're fighting alongside you, even if we don't think Big G. Al is a complete turd.

  3. Time for him to take a gulp of reality,He's been hugging tree' s for too long! He needs to look at the rings of a felled tree,It will tell him a story,It's all a Cycle!! That's how the planet works! Stop putting up NO,NO,NO, signs for AMERICANS,who respect the land more than you MR Gore!!! He needs to go to the Rain Forest and get LOST!!!!!!!