Thursday, September 15, 2011

History on National Monument Fight Shows Need for Congressional Fix

2000 Protest/Rally Against Clinton's Monument

By now many riders and public land access interests are aware of efforts in Congress to address misuse of presidential executive orders that create National Monuments.

Article on Current Effort in Congress

Those of you new to the “monument fight” that question the need for Congress to step and create a legislative fix may want to review some history. Some may remember when President Clinton during his last days in office created a number of new monuments throughout the West including the Sequoia National Monument in California.

Off-roaders and other multiple-use interests fought back in the political and legal arena by organizing protests, filing R.S 2477 claims, and filing a lawsuit.

2000 Protest of the Sequoia National Monument

Lawsuit filed against Clinton’s Monuments

The lesson learned is that only elected officials can correct this abuse of executive branch authority when it creates National Monuments as a political favor to environmental groups.

Let’s just hope this effort to address the National Monument issue is successful. We don’t really have any other recourse.

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