Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Closures and Analysis Paralysis Headline Sacramento Field Hearing

Photos: CERA President, Charles Hirst (left) and Hearing Crowd (right) - see if you recognize anyone?

Trail history was made yesterday in California when a congressional subcommittee held a field hearing that was primarily focused on the loss of multiple-use access to, and use of, our national forests.

As HQ told attendees at the Ride Reno 200 Dual Sport banquet on September 17, the OHV community has a lot to be proud of as they are now having their access issues being addressed by both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Two examples of that seismic shift was that a representative from U.S. Senator Dean Heller’s office was at the banquet to listen to concerns about special recreation permits being denied to clubs and there was a September 19 field hearing in Sacramento. At the field hearing the loss of forest trail access, abuse of the event permitting process, and forest health were front and center.

HQ is very proud of all the access and multiple-use witnesses including Charles Hirst, president of the California Enduro Riders Assn., and Nick Haris, the western representative for the AMA. PEER’s testimony that OHV recreation brings zero economic benefit to local communities was shot down quickly by Eldorado County Supervisor, Jack Sweeney. Plumas County Sheriff Hagwood gave very compelling testimony. The hearing played to a packed house.

The Recreation HQ strongly urges you to take time and watch the hearing including the Q&A. There is some very compelling testimony in both the written and oral presentations.

Link to the Hearing’s Audio and Written Documents


Stockton Record Article on Hearing (pretty good overview)

HQ agrees with the one or two hearing panelists that a “TMR reset button” should be pushed because on many Forests it is both a planning debacle and public nightmare.

HQ Blog on Pushing the TMR Reset Button

In closing, HQ must give kudos to Randy Moore (R5 Regional Forester) for showing up and taking the heat. As it was pointed out by one of the congressmen, Moore is in a tough spot because of the planning and political box he is in.

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Thanks to all who showed up and/or those who supported representatives to stand in their place. Access history was made on September 19 and you were part of it.

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