Thursday, September 15, 2011

Algore's Fraud a Thon Loses Nobel Scientist

Based on some PMs sent to HQ, it does not look like Algore’s Eco Fraud-a-Thon converted any new disciples. In fact, it looks like his climate change crisis mongering lost his movement a Nobel Prize winning scientist.

Article on Nobel Prize winning Scientist Resigns from Global Warming Hoax

HQ believes that Algore’s sermons on climate change are just as morally bankrupt as Solyndra. He should abandon his “crusade” (oh yea, the Crusades did not work out that well either) and man-up to his ill-conceived theory.

If Algore still has his Honda 305 – from his college years - stored somewhere on one of is properties, HQ suggests that he freshen that bike up and take it for a spin. That ride might just be what he needs to clean out all the green junk in his brain.

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  1. What does Algore's global warming hoax (carbon fees, green jobs, etc.) have in common with Solyndra and the Crusades? - All efforts were funded by the taxpayer.