Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Join QWR and Send Letter to Sen. McConnell to Block Massive Lands Bill

A number of riders have asked the Recreation HQ what they should be doing to advance a pro-access agenda in Washington, DC during this Lame Duck session. As you know, this is a hectic time on The Hill and often our messages can get lost in the confusion.

However, HQ believes that we should encourage Senator Mitch McConnell to block any Omnibus Land/Water Legislation during this Lame Duck session and only allow votes on bills that lower our tax burden, reduce the deficit, and reduce the size and scope of bloated federal agencies.

Link to McConnell’s Dec. 1 Statement

Here is a link to potential land/water bills that could be included in an Omnibus Bill – A big thanks to our friends at the Western Business Roundtable for this list!

About 60 Land/Water Bills Slated for Inclusion

HQ knows a lot of recreation groups have or are sending/Faxing in letters today to support McConnell’s effort to have the Senate only vote on fiscal issues. To help support those efforts, QWR sent in a letter today and is asking you to do the same. Here is the text of that letter.

QWR LETTER (feel free to cut and paste, etc)

December 1, 2010

Senator Mitch McConnell
Republican Leader
361-A Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
FAX: 202.224.2499

RE: Oppose Lame Duck Omnibus Land/Water Legislation

Dear Senator McConnell:

As an outdoor recreation advocate, I urge your office to oppose any effort by the Lame Duck Congress to pass an Omnibus Land/Water Bill. The recreation leaders I work with in the equestrian, hunting, off-road, and snowmobile communities do not support the bundling of individual land/water bills into one massive Omnibus package.

Here at Quiet Warrior Racing, we believe that each piece of legislation should be vigorously debated in the public arena. Only the land-use bills that have legitimate consensus and are thoroughly vetted with local and diverse stakeholders should merit a vote.

During this Lame Duck session, QWR urges your office to focus on those legislative items that deal with reducing our tax burden, lowering our deficit, and reducing the size and scope of bloated federal agencies. Thanks for reviewing QWR’s request.



Don Amador, Owner
Quiet Warrior Racing
555 Honey Lane
Oakley, CA 94561
Office: 925.625.5309

You can FAX a short letter to Senator McConnell at: 202.224.2499 or use the email comment form below:

McConnell Comment Form

ARRA has a letter generator that sends a note to your own U.S Senator (do this too)

Thanks in advance for your help in stopping a massive land-use bill from being shoved down our throats by this Lame Duck Congress.

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