Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MUST SEE LEGAL OHV TV - BRC/MIC/TWS Counsel Argue Before the 9th Circuit

Stop and Watch OHV Court TV

It’s not often that riders get to see an OHV “legal football game” on TV. However, in BRC’s News Release today you will see OHV attorneys and counsel from The Wilderness Society argue before the U.S 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in what the HQ feels is an important case.

BRC News Release on en banc review

MUST SEE OHV TV - 25 Minute Video with BRC’s Paul Turcke/Lead Counsel and MIC/SVIA’s Paul Gale/Friend of the Court, and Megan Anderson/The Wilderness Society

In the 9th Circuit it has been hard at times for “conservative” interests (i.e. OHV, timber, businesses, etc.) to intervene in environmental lawsuits. Often those conservative interests are only given “limited intervenor status" instead of full intervenor status. Instead of having a seat at the table during discussions and more importantly during the remedy phase negotiations of the suit -- those conservative groups have been told to sit at the back of the legal bus and only given minor roles.

Having been in federal court a number of times with Turcke and other attorneys (both OHV and green), I found this 25-minute video highly fascinating. The General thought Turcke did an excellent job of giving the court his perspective from the trenches on why full intervenor status is important. HQ thought Gale gave the court a good historical perspective on this issue.

On the other hand, I did not think the court was overly impressed with Anderson’s somewhat nuanced presentation.

It’s hard to predict what the court will decide. However, riders can be assured that BRC legal and friends are out there on the judicial football field engaged in timely and effective legal actions to preserve and protect continued OHV access to public lands.

Thanks for your service and support!

PS: I know BRC would appreciate a donation to help support this case. If you are able, please donate to this case which stemmed out of the original Sawtooth NF lawsuit.  Go online and in the contribution instructions type in "Sawtooth Lawsuit en banc review"


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