Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Help Donstradamus Decide on Issuing Predictions for 2012


This was updated (in bold) Dec. 29, 2011 to gauge the accuracy of Donstradamus' 2011
predictions made in Dec. 2010.  Please comment if you think Donstradamus should quit making
predictions or if he should continue - Thanks!

10- A pro-access Democrat congressman will switch to the GOP once House oversight hearings on Travel Management and other land closures are scheduled in mid-January 2011.  Several DEMs did vote for H.R. 242 to address the closure of level 3 roads in Region 5 - Pretty close

9 - A new OHV-oriented Luddite movement spreads across several western states. Dirt-bikers throw GPS units away and use maps instead. They leave cell phones at home when they go on trail rides with their buddies. Several guys I ride with have gone back to using maps when directions are needed - Sorta close

8 - Snowmobile sales spike due to heavy snowfall in the Winter of 2011. Environmentalists blame the high snow levels on global cooling that they claim is a byproduct of global warming. An ISMA June 2011 news release stated OSV sales were up 5% in the USA and greens still blame use global warming as main reason for any weather events - Dead on

7 - An all-electric OHV Park will be sited near a major population center in the USA. Left-wing eco-groups should applaud the facility, but complain instead.  Electric OHV parks are being talked about - Sorta Close

6 - Good News – Green mountain-bikers will finally get their long-time wish for a “Wilderness Area” that allows mountain bikes. Bad News – It is only 20 acres in size and riders must dismount when going downhill to reduce soil impacts. I believe one of the "Wilderness Bills" (maybe Testers') gave mountain bikers one or two trails as a bone (cherry-stemmed in the Wilderness proposal) - Sorta Close

5 - A new upstart political party that supports pro-trail legislators and policies will become an important factor in the 2012 elections. There is a new OHV trail polticial action committee, but effectiveness depends on OHV support - Close

4 - Federal land agencies allow OHVs to be used to treat invasive plant species such as the European Beach Grass at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and other coastal sites. The agencies rotate OHV use similar to how farmers rotate goatherds to manage unwanted vegetation.  The FS may consider allowing OHVs to "manage" some of the small pine tree "islands."  - Pretty close 

3- Diesel powered dual sport motorcycles long favored by the military are offered to the public in a civilian version as a way to help motorcyclists save on fuel costs. No info - Miss

2 - A MX superstar from the 1980s quits his unhealthy lifestyle. He adopts a vegan diet and trains for 5 months under the direction of Jillian from the Biggest Loser TV series. He places 2nd at the Hangtown MX race held near Sacramento. No info - Miss

1- A former motorcycle-racing champion wants to give back to the sport and donates $300,000 dollars to a national off-road advocacy group to help keep trails open.  No info on such a donation - Miss 
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  1. Number 6 is my favorite but number 7 seems most likely!

  2. I'm kind of partial to number 8 ;-)

  3. 10-4. Climategate would be a good read for enviros and could help them understand how crazy all this global warming stuff is. Again, I believe in climate change it has been going since before humans were on this planet, but not the impacts of man-made climate change... we are not that powerful.

  4. What about Clear Creek, did your crystal ball give us any hope for this year?

    I really miss riding there.

  5. Donstradamus says, "A pro-access Congress and good science from the OHMVR asbestos study (requested by the OHV Commission) certainly enhance the possibility of CCMA reopening for OHV use in 2011." PS-I and a lot of other OHVers miss riding there too.

  6. Personally laughing my ass off on number 6

  7. Timothy, Do you MTB? It is funny that I have had several PMs from guys who MTB that said #6 was a killer.

  8. You should definitely continue with the predictions! As a mtb'er, I would like to see a prediction regarding whether or not and to what extent IMBA might partner with motorized interests to seek increased trail access.

  9. #6 sounds like a 'compromise" solution that some open-minded Telluride Liberals will support! It is so practical and logical... Balanced approach to land management. :)