Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Rock the Trail" in 2009

I can’t tell you how many times The General has been at OHV meetings or sitting around the campfire at a trail ride talking with off-roaders about trying to get new blood (such as rockers, artists, musicians, actors) helping user groups keep riding areas open. The bad news is that over the years… that new blood and energy has not been forthcoming.

See Amador interview where he talks about getting race stars and other folks like rockers involved in land use (click on link below and scroll down to Amador interview)

However, that “Change” may be coming with the help of an alternative rock band based in Reno, Nevada. Joey Vegas, the lead singer for the Peace Mafia (they also like to ride dirt-bikes), called me several weeks ago and said they wanted to help the BlueRibbon Coalition by donating a percentage of the sales of their CDs while at the Mammoth Motocross this year.

Peace Mafia info/songs

There are a lot of artists who ride dirt-bikes or drive off-road vehicles. Besides the Peace Mafia, I am pretty sure that members of Green Day, Motley Crue, Beastie Boys, etc. also ride. Other celebrities and actors that ride include Lance Armstrong, Fabio, Matt LeBlanc, etc.

One of those celebrities who stepped up to the plate to champion access to public lands is Perry King. I first met him several years ago at a local Forest Service/users group meeting on the Eldorado National Forest. He was there as a concerned member of the public. Today, he serves on the Board of Directors at the AMA.

You have heard me articulate the need for the OHV community to grow our numbers. I believe getting rockers/celebrities/actors more involved and supportive of our efforts to keep trails open could be a very important factor in the land-use equation. I think they could help us reach an entirely new segment (i.e. young people) of the public who are not aware of the attacks on their right to ride.

Some of you may remember the Rock the Vote effort in the last several elections. I think it is time for us to start our own “Rock the Trail” in 2009 to “get out the rocker-rider” to help us fight for their/our collective access rights.

If you are an artist that wants to help (serve on a board, write a check, host a concert to raise money for trail access, be a spokesperson, etc.) – Give The General a shout.

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