Friday, June 5, 2009

Dual-Sport Riders Win Big Victory in CA

I just wanted to congratulate the dual-sport community and their lobbyists, AMA, ABATE of California, and the California Motorcycle Dealers Assn. for their hard work in fighting the Pavley motorcycle smog bill. Earlier, SB435 (Pavley’s smog bill) was thankfully recognized by state senators with common sense as a proposal that punished the motorcycle recreation community and created another “tax.”

Here is quote from Capitol Weekly
Pavley was also forced to significantly weaken her motorcycle smog check bill, SB 435, because of objections from Wright and other moderate Democrats.
Full news article about SB435 at

I know many dual-sport riders were concerned that SB 435 would require smog checks on legal dual sport conversions (dual sport kits added to 2000-2003 green-sticker dirt-bikes such as XR650Rs, open class KTM 4-strokes, DRZ400s, WR426/450s, etc.) As it stands now, the bill’s focus was reduced to address catalytic converters.

The General feels that dual-sport recreation and related events are an important factor to rural communities in the current economy. Having ridden in, or helped tech at, a number of dual-sport rides in Northern California, I can attest to the fact that businesses (local hotels and restaurants) thrive when several hundred riders utilize their establishments.

There are a number of exciting and fun dual-sport rides coming up this summer and fall.

Check in Nor Cal Dual Sport for a list of rides

Also, ck. in with North Bay Motorcycle Club for their Lost Coast Dual Sport Ride in Oct.

I hope to see many of you at these events.

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