Monday, June 22, 2009

Johnson Valley Update - New June 2009 Scoping Report

The General wanted to let the troops know that the USMC just issued their June 2009 Final Scoping Summary Report on the Proposed Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base Expansion Project.

See 24 Page June 2009 Report

I believe this report substantiates the importance of riders submitting written comments during the public scoping period of the NEPA process. The General commends all of you who took time to fill out comment cards, send an email, sign a petition, or submit formal written comments that included substantive ideas and concepts/tenets to be included in the development of action alternatives.

As I continue to review this report, one thing stands out and that is on page 19 where it talks about developing alternatives. One key concept that BRC and others proposed was that if the NEPA process continues, that the Marines look at “co-use” with the public or “joint use” or “joint training” with other members of the military on nearby federal facilities such as Fort Irwin. The General has long advocated the critical importance of users submitting “citizen’s alternatives” during the scoping process. I believe the scoping report supports that foundational axiom.

January 2009 BRC Comment Letter with Alternative Proposals

December 2008 BRC Comment Letter on BLM Withdrawal

A lot of political and economic "stuff " has occurred since this project was first day lighted to the public. The General believes that the final chapter on OHV use at Johnson Valley has not been written. Maybe it will be one of those books that are never finished?

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