Monday, June 15, 2009

Victory in CA OHV Budget Battle

The General wants to thank all the troops who contacted their legislators today regarding the potential attack on the OHV trust fund. I heard from club members throughout the state who faxed or called their legislators about protecting the OHV program. Some of those clubs who let The General know they had sent letters include, but are not limited to, the FWMC, MCMA, BARF, CERA, D36, CAL4WD, DVMC, EOMBs, etc.

I believe the professionalism and volume of your letters helped make the difference. Although the battle is not completely over, it looks at this time that the OHMVR program will remain whole.

The General watched the conference committee debate the issue (item #3790) on a live video feed. It appears the conference committee decided not to move OHV money to offset park costs. Instead, it has been proposed that there be a $15 increase to the Motor Vehicle Account (MVA) which, unlike the Vehicle License fee - a personal property tax - is an actual fee. Ultimately, if it is dropped into a trailer bill it will only require a majority vote.

The General salutes all of you who took the time to make your voices heard today.

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