Friday, June 19, 2009

Sound Off About Riding Quiet

As you know, The General is …”The Quiet Warrior” and for many years has been on the forefront of promoting a “quiet trail ethic” for those of us who ride off-road.

Some of you may have seen me helping sound tech at Enduros as part of the BRC/FMF Sound Testing Program for OHVs or read some of my articles about how riding loud motorcycles (street or dirt) can impact our access to public lands.

As the sound saga continues, one pretty cool recent development is the creation of the SOUND OFF website. This will be a place where riders can go to find out about riding quiet and to get info about sound issues and other land-use topics.

I would encourage you to check it out and sign up to receive email alerts, etc.


One example of cool info is the instructional video on how to repack a 4-stroke muffler

Check it out and remember to ride at or below 96dBA while operating an OHV on public lands.

The Quiet Warrior

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