Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saved By Zero - 24 Hours of Electricross

When you take the OHV sound testing program often taught by Dr. Rob Harrison (the godfather of the SAE J1287 “20-inch” sound test for OHVs) he asks the class this question, “If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound or a noise?” If you have taken the class you know the answer-- which is -- yes, it makes a sound since sound is a scientific measurement, but not a noise since noise is based on human values or interpretation.
Photo to right is of Team HotChalk - hey, is that WPS's Rex Halepeska in the picture?

Now the question can be asked another way…”If there is an all electric dirt bike race, does it make a sound or a noise?” After attending the 2009 24 Hours of Electricross and
taking some sound measurements at the starting line and at various turns, the “tree falling” could now be replaced with “electric OHVs” in that famous question.

I was proud to have attended the event on behalf of the BlueRibbon Coalition and intend to write a longer article for the coalition. However, The General wanted to post the audio/visual clip from the starting line where the crowd noise was actually louder than
the bikes. Another cool thing is that a number of teams were either BRC members or had BRC members as part of the team. How cool is that? (also, note BRC decal on front fender of winning bike)
Official Sound Readings
Loudest dBA Reading at Start Line (crowd cheering/bikes) 79.6 dBA
Typical Single Bike Passing by Sound Meter Next to Track (tire/chain sound) - 74.0 dBA or less
See clip below:
Helmet Cam Video from Starting Line
Congrats to Team HotChalk for placing 1st in the event

Also kudos to Marin County Motorcycle Association for placing 2nd

And helmets off to Fox Racing Shox for placing 3rd
April 6 San Jose Merc. News Article on Event

Last but not least – major congrats to Zero Motorcycles for having the guts to hang their product out on the line for the entire world to see. They have a lot to be proud of. Kudos to OHMVR Deputy Director, Daphne Greene, for attending the event and dropping the green flag at this historic race.

I believe folks will look back to this event as when the electric dirt-bike came of age.

If we can get some new all-electric OHV parks sited near large cities and/or open up some green belts for electric OHV use or site some indoor "year-round" tracks in empty industrial buildings … maybe we can say that urban OHV use has indeed been “Saved by Zero Motorcycles”

Saved by Zero Sound Track

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  1. Hey great coverage of an awesome event!

    These electric bikes are SICK!! They go like crazy and can take an incredible pounding.

    Nobody thought all 10 teams would go the distance - but sure enough, they did.

    Congrats to Zero MC and HotChalk . . .