Wednesday, November 30, 2011

HQ ACTION ALERT - Congress Attempts to Steal OHV Money from RTP

Earlier this year, I testified before the California State Legislature urging them not to steal money from the “user-pay/user-benefit” CA OHV Trust Fund. They were informed such an action would create an even greater distrust of state government if they did so. But as many of you already know, they took votes to approve the theft when pro-trail politicians were absent (using the sanitation facilities for 5 mins.) from the committee.

HQ Blog on the Stealing of CA OHV Trust Funds

Info and Copy of Letter to CA State Legislature

Now it seems our federal elected officials plan to steal and/or gut the Recreation Trails Program (a national version –more or less – of the CA OHV Program).

HQ wants to issue a national “all hands on deck” alert asking you to send a letter to your Congressional representative on this issue. Both AMA and ARRA have set up easy to use (I used them myself) alerts with letters they will send for you.

AMA Alert with Letter to Save RTP

ARRA Alert with Letter to Save RTP (go to “Action Needed” Section and click on RTP)

HQ says, “good luck” to future government bodies who ask us to “pay our own way” on recreation projects. What sort of message is government sending when it breaks a promise and then steals or guts a non-taxpayer funded user-pay/user-benefit dedicated fiscal stream to OHV and other forms of recreation? Talk about a thumb in the eye!

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  1. When politicians steal money from state or federal OHV trail programs they should call it