Friday, November 4, 2011

OHV Spiked Again in New DOI 50 State Recreation Report

The Recreation HQ was not surprised to find out that OHV recreation was once again spiked by the Department of Interior in their newest publication designed to promote their non-motorized agenda.

DOI’s Nov. 3 Press Release on Biased 50 State Report

DOI 50 State Recreation Report – PDF file

Some of you may remember when DOI scrubbed OHV recreation from their June 21, 2011 Economic Report.

HQ Blog on June 21, 2011 DOI’s Biased Economic Report

In HQ’s opinion, the continued effort by DOI to whitewash the economic benefit that OHV recreation brings to local communities or to ignore the direct and indirect fiscal benefit of OHV industry-related jobs only continues to erode the agency’s credibility with users, Members of Congress, and the public-at-large.

DOI appears they have made a political miscalculation. Instead of a issuing a report based on fact they fronted a taxpayer-funded document designed to placate their green constituents. Production of biased political propaganda is not something to be proud of unless you really don’t care.

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  1. This is reason (obviously) for concern. If not the DOI, then what agency IS for motorized vehicle trails? Sorry for being dense in advance. - Wind