Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Making Lemonade out of Lemons - Moving Forward on TMR

In HQ’s opinion, “Round One” of TMR has been a huge failure and public relations nightmare on many units. TMR was supposed to be a positive planning effort to address the proliferation of illegal routes and “unmanaged” OHV use on federal timberlands.

However, instead of focusing their energy to manage OHV recreation, TMR focused on landscape level closures (on many Forests) of thousands of miles of historic and popular roads and trails used by the OHV community and general public.

HQ has believed the key to resolving this rather contentious paradigm was for the agency to move into post subpart B project level trail planning and reestablish a good working relationship with local government and users.

The Shasta Trinity National Forest may be a good case study on finding a way forward based on the news article from the Redding Record Searchlight.

Record Searchlight Article on New Travel Planning Efforts and Restoring Public Trust

HQ on BBQ Diplomacy (Working with Local Counties)

The planning trail efforts ahead will take a lot of work from various stakeholder groups and the agency. HQ wants to commend ROC, RDR, and others in the Redding area for their access efforts. In addition, we want to thank the agency for moving forward on new planning efforts that include site-specific field review (see BRC comments/review of Beegum Project below).

BRC Comment Letter on Shasta T Beegum Project

Kudos to all in the North Country for working in a sincere manner on TMR-related issues.

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