Monday, December 5, 2011

Could New "Sea-Based" Focus of Marines Cast Doubt on JV Proposal?

HQ believes the AP story today about the Marines downsizing and becoming more of a sea-based military operation could cast doubt on the entire planning process of their proposal to close a significant portion of the Johnson Valley OHV Area for massive land invasion-type training exercises.

AP Article on JV

In my comment letters for BRC (I am their western representative), BRC pointed out that holding massive landscape level invasion practice did not square with the modern 21st Century battlefield where smaller multi-force integrated units was our future.

Blog on BRC Comment Letter and other info

HQ believes the Marines new sea-based focus combined with the national debt crisis might spell the end for the JV proposal that many of us felt was ill advised and unwarranted. Watch for many twists and turns in the JV saga this year.

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  1. There is already hundreds of thousands of desert in 29 Palms the US Army Desert Training Center (Ft. Irwin) outside of Barstow not to mention the (existing) hundreds of thousands of acres at the US Army Test Facility at Yuma Proving Grounds (YPG).

    If the Marines need a place to train, simply train in an existing facility.

    I say Red Team – Blue Team Army vs Marines. Let’s get ready to rummmmbbbllleee…