Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CA Governor Makes Political Decision to Replace Current OHMVR Deputy Director

                                                         OHMVR's Daphne Greene
HQ has a motto that “All land-use (and staffing selections) decisions are political decisions.” Well, that axiom came to life yesterday via the announcement by Daphne Greene, deputy director for the California OHV Program at State Parks, that she is being replaced on December 31 by another Governor’s appointee. That news sent a violent shockwave through the OHV community.

During her tenure of almost 8 years, the OHV Division went through a number of much needed reforms that improved all aspects of the program. Some of those milestones include; streamlining the grants program, improving the wildlife habitat monitoring, fiscal accountability for the OHV Trust Fund, creating new soil standards and guidelines, opening new OHV areas, funding important trail restoration projects, and the list goes on and on.

As OHV leadership continues to assess this new political development, I believe that we will learn a lot by the person who is appointed to take over Daphne’s post. HQ hopes the Governor will appoint somebody that will continue Daphne’s legacy of accountability, environmental stewardship, and commitment to the program and the community it serves.

Stay tuned for future developments on this issue and during this Christmas and Holiday Season let’s give thanks for Daphne’s (and her staff) unwavering commitment and service to you and your family’s favorite form of outdoor recreation over the last 8 years.

BRC News Release in 2005 –Describes How the anti-OHV Commission was abusing their position and power to corrupt the OHV program and steps the OHV community was taking to address that issue.

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  1. can we survive 3 years of jerry?

  2. The one area of the state whose budget is in the black (EVERY year for 40 years), the one area of the state that has the overwhelming support of the constituents it represents, the one area of the state where progress was happening in a positive way, and the POLITICIANS in the governor's office (or wherever) decide to let her go. Daphne Greene is an asset to the OHV community, to State Parks, and to the State of California. She looks at all sides of every issue and proceeds with factual caution. She is both compassionate and tough. She should NOT be replaced.

  3. As for one, I will not give up on Ms Greene's appointment. Termination without cause is the Governors pleasure, but in this case it is pure politics, and NOT in the best interest of Californians............
    Gray Davis did the same to Cliff Glidden, DDOHMVRD, and we know how well D. Widell worked out don't we.

    Dave Pickett and Family.

  4. Please pay attention: This is UN Agenda 21 being pushed further and further...it is about removing all access to all wilderness areas and housing people in municipal housing tracts in big cities only...it is coming and we are fighting it...you should too.

  5. It's pretty simple to this old Marine. IMMEDIATELY attack forward the source of the enemy fire.
    I'm actually surprised that our shallow enemies waited this long after the governor's election to replace "our" director. Like the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor, it came at a time when most people are hunkered down to enjoy the Christmas spirit and the fruits of their labor over the past year. Please be fully aware that there are people and organizations out there that are dedicated to making OHV disappear.

    The assassins who snuck into our tent will also use this action to strike fear in the entire OHV Division. It will be used to remind all the staff and rangers who work for us to be fearful and cautions of the work they do for us.

    Collectively our park users pay the tab for the OHV system. We have the right and responsibility to speak out about such a contemptible personal attack on Daphne Greene.

    This will not stand.

  6. Hopefully Daphne will continue her legacy for responsible OHV recreation in another capacity! I hate to think back to the Widell/Spitler reign and the fact that it is possible to return to the culture warfare of that era between the enviros and the OHV community. At any rate, I am sure that our jobs of promoting the sport will become all the more difficult under a Brown appointee!!

  7. Was it OHMVR's action on Clear Creek and Carnegie that triggered this? Big Brother doesn't like pushback from within.