Monday, October 17, 2011

STONYFORD UPDATE - County Closes Correctional Facility, Land Exchange in Limbo

For the last several years, HQ has updated riders on the potential for the Fouts Springs Youth Correctional Facility to be deeded over to Solano County. Recently, Solano County closed the facility due to it being fiscally unsustainable.

Article on Closure of Fouts Springs Correctional Facility

As you know, BRC had been opposing the land exchange because of concerns it had that the county would sell the property (they had operated the camp under a FS special use permit) to the highest bidder with said use being a conflicting use (i.e. Robert Redford’s Environmental Activist Training Center or new Sierra Club Conference Center, etc.). Those conflicting uses over time would require the FS to close the area to OHV recreation.

History of Land Exchange Proposal and BRC Letters

HQ does not celebrate the loss of those rural jobs when the facility closed. However, it believes that if the Forest Service turns that facility into a remote fire-training center… that many of those who lost jobs could be employed at the new camp.

The facility could also be used as a training center for trail crews such as the Student Conservation Association.

Be assured that BRC and HQ will stay on this issue as preserving the high quality OHV program on the Mendocino is a very high priority.

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