Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gov. Signs AB42 - Link to More SVRAs in CA?

HQ was pleased to see the Governor sign AB 42, which allows for non-profit organizations to manage various state parks that have low visitation or are otherwise unable to sustain themselves. HQ believes that counties should also be given the opportunity to manage state park units that are in fiscal trouble.

Article on AB42

HQ believes this bill could open the pathway for OHVs to use several non-motorized state parks units that are in fiscal trouble. Two examples come to mind. Henry W Coe State Park near San Jose is a perfect candidate for being operated as a State Vehicular Recreation Area. Also, Tolowa Dunes State Park near the Oregon border is also a great candidate for OHV use because its last management plan authorized ATVs at the site.

Community Support for Tolowa Dunes SVRA

The OHV community should be looking for ways to assist state parks and the local economy by finding a way to help manage these parks for motorized recreation. Henry Coe SVRA would help elevate overcrowding at both Hollister Hills and Carnegie SVRAs. Tolowa Dunes SVRA would provide much needed ocean/sand opportunities for OHV use on the North Coast.

Let’s all think outside of the box on this one. Comments are welcome here at the HQ on this issue.


  1. Thank you! Tolowa Dunes would be a perfect place for OHV's. I live in Crescent City, where the dunes are located and many of us have said for years that managing our local dunes much like the parks do across the border in Oregon could bring some much needed revenue to our poor county. However, there is much opposition from our local indian tribes. I don't doubt that our local 4x4 clubs would be willing to manage the area if given the opportunity. There is no reason we can't enjoy the land.

  2. Henry Coe is a complete waste of tax payer dollars. It is one of California's largest and must under utilized parks. I think a great compromise could be made there with OHV entrances near the south end of the park and leaving the north end as a non OHV. The parking and services there currently wouldn't work for OHV anyway. You could basically split the park in two and still have two great huge parks an OHV park that turned profit and gets used and a nature area that doesnt.

  3. Imagine the ability to use Henry Coe as an OHV park. In the 60's it WAS to be an OHV area. The largest state park with the least use is a major issue.
    It is a wonderful area but the state cannot afford it and if it closes then the dope growers will move in (they are there already). With proper use it could easily raise money for the state and be used by thousands of people yearly instead of a few hundred.