Thursday, October 20, 2011

HQ TMR UPDATE - Mistakes in Tahoe National Forest MVUM

The Recreation HQ wants to thank members of for alerting us to the fact that there are a number of mistakes in the newly published Tahoe National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map.

Some of the route designations (and/or vehicle type classifications) that appear to be in error includes the Rubicon Trail, Trail 16E10, Rattlesnake Trail 10E02, 11E18, 12E67,
11E67, 11E21, and routes/areas associated with Boca, Stampede and Prosser Reservoirs.

HQ has been in communication with the Tahoe National Forest and the Regional Office
and has been assured their leadership and staff are now acutely aware of the mistakes and are working to correct them. HQ has encouraged members to send in the mistakes you have found to the Forest Service.

HQ suggests that you send your corrections to the Forest’s Public Affairs Officer, Ann Westling at:

While mistakes in new MVUMs can be a common occurrence, it has been our experience that the agency works hard to correct those errors. However, HQ has seen where LEOs have written tickets based on inaccurate information contained in new MVUMs. HQ has shared its concerns with the FS and is urging them to communicate potential errors with law enforcement staff so that we do not have young kids, their parents, or tour guides given tickets when operating their OHVs in a legal manner.

Blog on Tickets Issued in Error at Stonyford in 2010

When it comes to implementation of MVUMs, HQ likes to cite the implementation strategy of the Payette NF. Their narrative clearly outlined what I like to call a “soft rollout” of the MVUM instead of a “hard rollout” where LEOs are instructed to start issuing tickets before the ink is dried on the MVUM.

Blog on Soft Rollout

Thanks in advance to all local users who reviewed the MVUM and are alerting the agency and OHV community to the errors. Great job guys and gals!

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