Thursday, October 13, 2011

EPA Champions Closure Agenda at Clear Creek in Letter to Congress

HQ was amazed to read EPA’s September 29, 2011 bizarre response to the OHMVR Commission’s June 21, 2011 letter to Congress which challenged the agency’s stance that Clear Creek should be closed to OHV recreation.

Instead of functionally acknowledging the recent IERF study that shows OHV recreationists at Clear Creek only face a slight health risk (much lower than other activities), EPA stubbornly and with a certain amount of bravado insists that its original study and closure-oriented conclusions are correct.

Blog with Link to OHMVR June 21, 2011 Letter to Congress

September 29,2011 EPA Letter to U.S. Senate (with additional letters from CA regulators)

September 29, 2011 EPA Letter to House of Representatives

Blog with Link to IERF Study and recent ABC News Story on Clear Creek

HQ believes the EPA is making the best argument for Congress to step in and designate Clear Creek as a National Recreation Area where users can decide for themselves what health and safety risks they take. Be assured this recent EPA missive will only strengthen the resolve of the user community and San Benito County to reopen the Creek.

County Resolution in Support of a NRA Designation

The Clear Creek saga continues…

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  1. so is closer to being re-opened?