Friday, October 7, 2011

A Solar Solution to Your RV Battery's Charging Needs

When it comes to upgrading your RV’s 12-volt charging system, the Recreation HQ wants to suggest you may want to consider the Ganz 6-watt marine-grade solar panel to keep a charge on your batteries.

Recently, HQ had to install new batteries and a new power converter on its official 26ft. Weekend Warrior Land-Use Battle Trailer. One of the issues that RVers face is how do we keep a charge on our trailer batteries during the day when we are out on the trail? Or, how do we keep a charge on our batteries when parked at the HQ or house?

HQ is proud to report that it appears to have found an answer to that age-old question.

After doing some research online, we ordered a Ganz 6-watt marine-grade solar panel and marine-grade charge controller from for about $100 bucks.

So far the solar panel - not only maintains a charge on the batteries - but also puts an additional charge into the batteries during the day while HQ is out in the field.

HQ believes that common sense solar applications like this can be a solution for RVers who want to keep their trailer “charged-up” when they are on the trail or the unit is parked at home.


  1. PS - I jumped up and down on it before I installed it.

  2. Hate to burst your bubble but that 6 watt solar panel ain't doing squat for you. It is only charging at .35 amps for 8 hours under IDEAL conditions. 60-100 watts of solar for every 100 amp hours of battery is what you need. Your panel might slow down the rate of natural discharge in storage if you start with a fully charged battery bank but it is too small for brining up a battery.

  3. Joe, just an update... since installing this system more than a year ago... it actually does bring up the batteries when
    I am out riding. My batteries have never worked so good. A wise investment - IMHO