Friday, April 2, 2010

OHV Good News - FS Chief Tidwell and Sen. Lincoln Tour Ark. OHV Area

***Good News and Photo comes from the BRC Recreation News

The Recreation HQ and BRC have long encouraged local riders to adopt a holistic approach in support of their favorite riding area. That recommendation includes forming a local formal or informal group that partners with the agency on projects like trail building and public outreach.

PHOTO: Senator Blanche Lincoln and US Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell speak to Tim Kiser from the Ouachita ATV Club about trail closures on the Ouachita NF.

The group can also loop in federally elected officials like these OHVers did in Arkansas with Senator Blanche Lincoln who I am sure was instrumental in getting the FS Chief Tom Tidwell (he used to be here in Region 5 and attended a number of CA OHV Commission meetings) to tour the site or as Clear Creek riders did with Congressmen Costa and Farr.

See very cool article regarding OHVers working with U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln

Users should also make sure their local Boards of Supervisors/County Commissioners are engaged as again the OHVers did in Clear Creek with the San Benito County Board of Supervisors or as the Recreation Outdoor Coalition has done regarding the proposed closures on the Shasta Trinity NF.

Besides the partnerships and working with elected officials, users must also be prepared to strongly defend (comments. appeals, lawsuits) the riding area from closures. Many of those closure threats are precipitated from eco-lawsuits or sometimes - as is the case with the Shasta Trinity NF - from closures that are driven by agency decisions.

Riding areas that have been “adopted” by active OHV clubs - such as the Georgetown OHV Area on the Eldorado NF has been adopted by the California Enduro Riders Assoc – stand the best chance of preserving riding opportunities for this and future generations.

Federal or state OHV areas that are being operated in a vacuum with no local club support are clearly an EOHVS (Endangered OHV Species).

Although there is a lot of bad OHV news out there, The General wanted to share this optimistic story with the troops to show how being proactive can help protect the sport.

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