Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clear Creek Update - OHV 24 - BLM 21

The General is glad to be back at the Recreation HQ after spending the last 6 days in the field attending meetings and doing some recon.
PHOTO: This is the warning sign for swimmers at Orick Beach in the Redwood National Park. Note that the Park is keeping count of the people who have died swimming since 2004 (click on photo to enlarge). This is what the BLM should do at CCMA - simply post signs and publish concerns on the visitor maps

April 19 marked the end of the 45 day extension of the public comment period for the Clear Creek DEIS. The Recreation HQ believes we may have turned the corner in the battle to reopen CCMA to historic OHV use when the San Benito County BOS voted to reopen 25 miles of county roads in the unit and send letters to the BLM in support of Alt. A.

Background info on BOS vote and WND Article

The Recreation HQ wants riders to have copies of the BRC Legal and BRC Western Rep. comment letters that were submitted on March 4,5 and April 19. Note that BRC brings up the faux liability issue (among other issues) and demands the DEIS be withdrawn and/or a supplemental DEIS be issued.

Faux Liability Issue

If the CCMA battle was a football game, the Recreation HQ believes that we are in the 3rd quarter and the score is now OHV 24 HFO 21. Just what the score will be at the end of the game has yet to be determined. That score will depend on your continued efforts to reopen the area.

The General looks forward to riding on the reopened roads once the signs are installed by the county works department.and riding on the OHV trails once CCMA is reopened.

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  1. GO TEAM!!
    Still one quarter to go though, let's not drop the ball. Thank's again General for your tireless efforts.