Thursday, April 8, 2010

Off-Roaders Blamed for County Vote to Reopen Roads

Over the years, the Recreation HQ has followed breaking land use news covered by the crew at World Net Daily. So it was not really a surprise when The General got a call from a WND reporter regarding the historic vote taken by San Benito County to reopen their county roads at Clear Creek.

New WND Article on County Vote and County Gov’t. Fighting Back Elsewhere

Comments were made by the BLM regarding their surprise by the vote and that off-roaders are to blame for the county pushback. The agency’s “surprise” is telling The General that nobody was watching the store as the BLM developed their scheme in 2007-2008 to lock OHVs and the public out of Clear Creek. Where were the grownups at Cottage Way in Sacramento (the BLM state office) who let this CCMA closure - founded on junk science and political agendas - take place? Based on letters and meeting with Congressmen, county supervisors, and off-the-record conversations with both retired and currently employed BLM staff, The General is not the only one asking that question.

In the BRC comment letter submitted to the San Benito County Board of Supervisors, it is pointed out that the DEIS is so fatally flawed that it should be withdrawn and CCMA be reopened immediately.

BRC Comment Letter to the Board of Supervisors

As The General has pointed out many times before, ALL land use decisions are political decisions that at the end of the day have very little if anything to do with science or laws.
If the multiple-use community (off-roaders, ranchers, gem collectors, inholders, hunters, etc.) will continue to stand together with local elected officials in access battles that are occurring up and down the State of California and other western states, we have a chance to change the current closure agenda of federal agencies.

As Ben Franklin once said, "We must all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."

The General says, “When it comes to the land use fight, the multiple-use community must unite for in that unity stands our only chance for victory.”

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  1. Great article! Makes Hill, and the BLM, look like egotistical morons. Love it!