Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CCMA Update - Closure Order Still in Effect after May 1

The Recreation HQ has heard that some riders believe that they can ride on BLM lands at Clear Creek after May 2 because emergency closures generally are for two years or less unless they are tied to a planning effort.

Unfortunately for riders who want back into BLM lands in CCMA before the planning process is over, the emergency closure order is tied to the ongoing planning effort and stays in effect until that planning process is concluded.

Federal Register Notice for CCMA Closure with Reference to Planning

The General understands the frustration of the riding community and is himself disgusted with the behind the scenes dealings and apparent effort of the Hollister Field Office to permanently eliminate OHV recreation on lands within their jurisdiction.

See 2006 BRC HFO RMP Comment Letter Asking for more OHV Opportunity on Lands Outside of CCMA

The Recreation HQ believes that the OHV community by working with the county and elected officials in an honest and collaborative manner are making a big difference in the fight to reopen CCMA. Please continue to obey the closure order and ride only on the 25 miles of county roads that have been opened for street-legal vehicles.

The battle for CCMA continues.

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  1. Please attend this Sunday's May 2, 2010 Clear Creek Management Area Protest Event. It all starts at 10:00 AM at 20 Hamilton Court, Hollister, CA. That is just outside of the Hollister BLM Office (follow the signs).

    Everyone is invited to show up whether you are a dirt bike or quad rider, drive a UTE, rock hound, hunt or just want to show the BLM and the public that we want Clear Creek Re-opened
    for the PUBLIC USE.

    Bring your bikes, family and friends and make a day of it. For more information look on South Bay Riders Forum under Clear Creek May 2ND Event. Thank You.