Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SEND LETTER TODAY - On Forest Planning Rule

Having just got back to the Recreation HQ at o-dark thirty, The General is issuing a Broken Arrow (all hands on deck and man your battle stations) call for riders to send
a letter TODAY regarding future forest planning.
PHOTO: What new forest planning rule means for public access

Historically, federal land use planning was guided by a multiple-use concept that had a recreation tenet. The new planning regulations appear to focus on global warming and “restoration” (an enviro code word for ripping roads/trails) with motorized recreation potentially being tossed in the land-use basement. I know this is a late notice and the comment period ends today, but please take time to send in a letter now.

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Link to BRC Alert

The CA Society of Foresters also has a good article from a forest management viewpoint:

Thanks for your service!

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