Thursday, February 18, 2010

OHV Wars Continue at Coastal SVRA

As Carnegie fans wait for both the legal and administrative battle to play itself out, The General wants you who are new to the OHV Wars arena to be aware that anti-OHV groups continue their assault on the SVRA system.

One ongoing battle is down at Oceano Dunes. For many years, OHVers and OHMVR have been fighting to preserve motorized recreation at that popular facility. Just as with Carnegie, you have a 3rd party eco-group at Oceano Dunes trying to interject itself into the inter-governmental decision-making process.

Recent Article on Oceano Dunes Fight

The main point of today’s blog is to remind land-use newbies that OHV recreation continues to face some rough times in 2010 and beyond. The Recreation HQ wants to make sure that riders continue to brace for the fight, stand strong, and never give up.

Thanks for your service!

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