Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring Comes After a Hard Winter

As some riders know, The General (while on BRC business) attended the recent Indy Powersports Show. To say the mood was upbeat would not be truthful. The current economic crisis has taken a toll on OHV related businesses.
Photo: The Mighty Oak - Mendocino NF

Sales are down for the motorcycle manufacturers and the aftermarket. Many dealers have seen OHV sales plummet.

One could not help but feel somewhat discouraged as the once booming OHV industry is seeing some hard times. It is not just an industry to The General as many industry folks are his friends and ridding buddies.

In times like these, The Recreation HQ feels it is important to look for inspiration and then share that encouragement with others.

After tearing down the BRC booth, I headed out the front doors of the convention center and picked up a magazine to read on my flight home. While thumbing my way through
CHINAMOTOR Issue #45 (the only English language Chinese motorcycle products magazine), I came across an article entitled, Spring Comes After a Hard Winter.

This article with a thoughtful proverb was written by Mr. Wu Zhenhong, the General Manager Assistant of the Luoyang Northern EK Chor Motorcycle Company.

The theme was basically that the industry must not be afraid of the current crisis and always strive to improve your products and services because of at the end of this current “business winter” -- a “business spring” will arrive.

That is good advice regardless of your position in the OHV family. Are there tough times ahead? You bet. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? I don’t know if that bright headlight has yet pierced the darkness of that age old metaphor, but one thing I do know (as the article states) is that spring eventually will arrive.

Thanks for your service and continued support!

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