Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yamaha OHV Grants Program Supports Recreation Projects

There are many tools in today’s OHV advocacy toolbox. Those land-use tools include grassroots advocacy, participation in the administrative process, public relations, volunteerism, political activism, reviewing legislation and the subsequent implementing regulations, and litigation. For the OHV groups that are engaged in the aforementioned activities there is a need to fund that work.

Unlike major green groups that get large block grants from likeminded left-wing foundations such as the Pew Charitably Trust or the Rockefeller Foundation, OHV has historically relied on the generous donations of club members, individuals, and small businesses that “support the sport.”

Some riders have asked The General if any of the OHV industry giants ever donate to help keep trails open. The Recreation HQ is proud to say yes to that question and one shining example is the Yamaha OHV Access Grants Program.

See Yamaha OHV Access Grants Program News Release

In 2010 and beyond, OHV interests will face some very difficult and challenging times.
How those battles are funded is a serious question. The fact that some industry leaders are stepping up to the plate in a substantive manner will be an important key factor in the modern land use equation.

The Recreation HQ salutes all who support the sport through your generous donations of time and fiscal resources.

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