Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mad as Hell Speech at Carnegie SVRA Rally

For those of you who missed being at this event, the Recreation HQ is proud to be able to share a clip from the December 28, 2009 Save Carnegie SVRA Rally. This video was shot by Bungee Brent – Dr. Xtreme. We owe him a great big thank you for capturing the rally on a DVD where over 1,000 off-roaders from as far away at Lake Tahoe came to rally in support of the park and in protest of anti-OHV groups who file politically motivated lawsuits that have nothing to do with the environment or science.

Video Clip of AMA Dist. 36’s – Dave Pickett’s “Mad as Hell – Will You Fight?” Speech
and BRC’s – Don Amador – “Day of Infamy and We are going to Win” Speech

For Updates on Carnegie and other OHV and Land Use Issues

AMA D36 members should be proud of the District’s response to this crisis. I know the Recreation HQ is proud of Mr. Pickett, Dave Duffin, and the many families and individuals who showed up and are answering the call to fight for their sport.

The General thanks you for your service in the defense of access to public lands.


  1. BRC, This movement started in the early 70's and has become a kind of generational movement to eliminate outdoor recreation (except for backpacking) in our state. I joined BRC about 4 yrs ago and it seems what we are doing is holding even or as in Carnegie lose everything! This group of people are entrenched in every part of our state govt. an until we become a truly Country wide organization we will continue to lose bits and pieces. We need to organize a movement involving everyone that uses any public land in the entire USA. These organizations are just going to continue until there will be no more Hunting, Fishing, or riding any OHV's and this will not stop at public land but will continue until Private Property owners are affected. I don't really know where to start but I think if we had some kind of conference meeting centrally located in the US that would include members of land issues organizations, Timber Companies, Private property owners,Commercial Property owners OHV organizations and also would include any Fed. or State Senator or Congressman or woman. We have to organize every person or group across the US or this taking of our Public and Private lands will continue until Outdoor access will be a thing we use to do.Just my thoughts! JJ

  2. JJ,

    Maybe it is time for our "Trail Party" to join with the "Tea Party" People are fed up!