Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Creek Song - A Song Dedicated to the CCMA Battle

As the Clear Creek saga continues, there are a lot of ways to fight back and contribute to the battle. Many have and will make fiscal donations, write comments, attend meetings, and join and get friends to join OHV organizations.
Photo: A couple of riders enjoying a trail at CCMA when it was open for OHV use

A unique way that one person has contributed to the Clear Creek effort is to write and sing a song dedicated to all those who are fighting the good fight.

The General encourages dirt-bikers, ATV riders, club members, 4WDers, rockhounders, gem collectors, hunters, and others who want to see CCMA reopened to visit the Friends of CCMA website and listen to The Creek Song.

The Creek Song (just click the play button on the song)

A big salute from the Recreation HQ to all of you who are working to reopen CCMA!

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  1. Love the song. Wish they would post it on Youtube so I could share it easier.