Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday - What a Ride

As The General turns 55 today, I wanted to STOP for a minute and thank my fellow riders for their continued interest in land-use issues. This truly has been a challenging year for me on any number of levels.
Photo: Don Amador working a road crossing at an off-road event several weeks ago

In my 20 years of OHV advocacy, I believe this has been the most difficult for me personally. We have a number of very complex issues in play at this time. The battle at Clear Creek, TMR gone wrong on various Forests, the grim reaper tried to get me a couple of times, Wilderness proposals, lawsuits filed by enviros (Carnegie SVRA, Eldorado NF, etc), the downturn in the economy, and personal attacks on my credibility as an effective land-use advocate (to be expected I guess).

Most, if not all, of the following trials come as part of my job and I accept that. The one factor that keeps The General going is your support and continued confidence in his leadership abilities and long-term vision for protecting our access to public lands.

While some may disagree with my tactics (that is your option and I respect your right to do so), be assured that I have my eye on the big picture and can still see the stitches on the “land-use OHV fastball” from 40 feet away.

Let’s see what next year brings. The same challenges (and new ones as well) will be there and so will The General.

Thanks for your service!


  1. Happy Birthday Old Man!
    Thank you for your Service.

  2. Being your wife, I admire your great dedication to achieving greatness for all of your fellow off-roaders. Remember, you ARE on the winning