Friday, November 27, 2009

ClimateGate, Copenhagen Climate Conf, OHVs, and Ed Begley Jr.

The General had planned to take a couple of days off from the land use battle front to enjoy the Thanksgiving Day Holiday with his family and friends. However upon post –Thanksgiving Day reflections, he feels the need to discuss the ever growing ClimateGate scandal is so important... as to merit a holiday muse.

Also, my recent post on faux OHV groups and eco-hoaxes resulted in The General getting a large number of private emails. Most were complementary, but several challenged my blog’s tone and direction.

Eco-Hoax and Global Warming Blog

As you know, I have long believed the public has been subjected to a large number of eco-hoaxes over the years. But as I told more than one of my skeptics, my greatest contention I have with many “environmental leaders” is the amount and scope of the lies and hypocrisy they will employ to enact their political agenda.

Algore flies around the world on a private jet and then tells us regular citizens that we have to ride bicycles, reduce electricity, and turn down our heaters at the same time as his home(s) is consuming more electricity then some small towns.

In California, several faux environmentalists (I call them that because they are hypocrites) long argued for new science to be used to manage OHVs on public lands. I, on behalf of BRC, supported and worked in the field with researchers, students, agency biologists, and academics to develop new science to help formulate future guidelines for OHV use in spotted owl habitat. What many people don’t know is that those same “environmentalists” tried to kill that project when they feared the results would not match or support their closure agenda.

The results of this almost 10 year project should be out late this year or early in 2010. I don’t know what the results will be, but at least The General, the CA OHMVR program, and a number of OHV clubs had the courage to participate and support a project, the results of which have yet to be published. No such moral fortitude is noted on the faux green side.

Spotted Owl OHV Study

As more news outlets and blogs expose ClimateGate and the upcoming farce known as the Copenhagen Climate Conference scheduled to start on Dec. 12, I am reminded of what my dad did when I was a kid growing up in Eureka, California.

Good Blog from the UK on ClimateGate

Back in the day, he used to chew Copenhagen smokeless tobacco. When he was through chewing he would spit it out since all value of the product had been realized. As more folks object to proposed Cap and Tax Legislation that will dramatically increase our energy bills and devalue our American way of life, maybe it is time for the public to “spit” out the lies and hypocrisy of the global warming scandal onto the ash heap history’s other eco-scams such as the global cooling prophesy of the 1970s or the Alar Scare of 1989.

In my state, I and many others have blown extra insulation in our attics, installed double pane windows, recycle our oil and plastics, plan our trips to the store, and a have employed a plethora of other actions to conserve energy and live responsibly. All that seems to have gotten us is new proposals to increase our electric rates, impose new energy taxes, and more promises of the same.

I do have respect for real environmentalists such as Ed Begley Jr. When he speaks… I listen. He has long practiced what he preaches. He lives in a small house, rides a bicycle, composts his waste, etc.

What I don’t have respect for are eco-hypocrites who practice a form of environmental elitism where they can build homes out of redwood, fly in private jets, use obscene amounts of energy, and develop carbon credit programs designed to line their pockets with millions of dollars.

Be assured, The General will continue to maintain trails, practice common sense stewardship, and promote a responsible OHV land use ethic. What he won’t do is stand by while certain politicians and eco-hypocrites pour wet stuff down his neck and proclaim it is simply raining.

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