Monday, July 13, 2009

New Sound Test for Street Bikes - SAE J2825

With so many issues hitting off-road riders these days (i.e. CA budget battle, travel management, etc), The General wanted to make sure that the troops are aware of a rather historic event in the saga of addressing excessively loud motorcycles.
*A Quest Type-1 "law enforcement grade" Sound
Meter is Pictured on the Right


On June 24, the MIC issued a news release regarding a new sound test –SAE J2825


AMA issued a release as well:


I believe this is a game changer in the battle to improve the image of both the off-road and street motorcyclist. While the off-road community has the SAE-J1287 20 inch sound test – a standard that has been adopted by several states, the missing-link in the sound saga up until now has been an easily applied stationary sound test for street bikes.
While operating the FMF/BRC Sound Testing Program for OHVs at many AMA Dist. 36 Enduros or Dual Sports, I am often asked by dirt-bikers..."When is somebody going to do something about the loud street-bikes?" Well it looks like we have an answer.

Also, some riders don’t realize that the general public does not distinguish between loud dirt bikes vs. loud street bikes – they view all excessively loud motorcycles in the same manner.

I think the SAE-J2825 offers law enforcement and those of us in education a valuable tool to help the riders and other stakeholders address excessively loud street bikes.

Everybody wins with this new test. Kudos to all those who worked in the development of the
SAE-J2825 Sound Test!!!

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