Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BRC Sends FOIA Based Letter To BLM on Clear Creek

The General understands just how frustrated and angry many of the troops are regarding the interim closure of CCMA to all users. This issue has been very diffucult and there has been a lot of finger pointing and unwarranted accusations. Not productive or helpful in my book.

On May 6, 2009, BRC’s Don Amador filed a FOIA with the BLM (see FOIA request below)



May 6, 2009

California State Office, BLM
Lawrence Weitzel
FOIA/PA Coordinator
Federal Building
2800 Cottage Way/W-1834
Sacramento, CA 95825-0451
FAX 916-978-4416
Re: Freedom of Information Act Request

Dear Mr. Weitzel:

This request for information is filed under the Freedom of Information Act. It is submitted on behalf of the BlueRibbon Coalition, a national trail-based recreation group.

BRC requests that a copy of the following communications (letters, emails, faxes, or memos) be sent to the address given below.

Those requested documents include any and all correspondence, or notes describing such correspondence or communications, between the Bureau of Land Management and/or Department of Interior and members of the public, other stakeholders, organizations, law firms, attorneys, other governmental or state land or regulatory agencies, and environmental groups which address (1) the issue of asbestos-related “agency liability” regarding continued public access to the Clear Creek Management Area (CCMA); and/or (2) threats of litigation or risks to human health associated with past or continuing human recreational access to the CCMA . We request information dated between January 1, 2003 and April 27, 2009.

As a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt non-profit group, BRC believes that it qualifies for a fee waiver under the Department of Interior’s FOIA regulations (43 CFR Part 2, Appendix D).

BRC publishes a monthly magazine for our membership and that publication is also distributed to Members of Congress, various land managers, and the media so they can better understand how federal recreation-oriented decision making affects our access to public lands and waterways.

Information received from FOIA requests and other sources is often used by BRC staff to prepare for testimony before Congress. In fact, I have used such information in my capacity as the Western Representative for the BRC in testimony before Congress – as an invited panelist -- regarding the Clinton-Gore Roadless Plan and the Boxer-Thompson Wilderness Bill.

BRC does not have any commercial interests regarding CCMA. Because of the aforementioned facts regarding how BRC will use information obtained by this FOIA request to help our membership, Congress, and the media better understand how the agency decided to close CCMA to all public uses while an environmental review process is completed, BRC again believes that it qualifies for a fee waiver.

I request that the information I seek be provided in electronic format, and I would like to receive it on a personal computer disk (or a CD-ROM).

I may be called at the telephone number listed below during business hours to discuss my request, if necessary.



Don Amador
Western Representative
BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc.
555 Honey Lane
Oakley, CA 94561
Office: 925.625.6287

Today, BRC counsel sent a letter to BLM based on information from the FOIA. You will find a copy of the 22 page letter hot-linked into BRC’s News Release:


Thanks in advance for your continued patience and understanding during these diffucult times.
Stay engaged and involved. Don't give up.

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