Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Test Example for SAE - J2825

As you know, The General is the “Quiet Warrior.” Since 1997, he has been on the cutting edge of advocating for sound education and appropriate enforcement of sound laws to address excessively loud motorcycle exhaust noise. He has helped sound tech as various OHV events throughout the country at areas ranging from the Stonyford OHV Area in Northern California to Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. Those events include working AMA National Enduros and Dual Sport Rides, Dealer “Sound Education Days”, major trail rides, and helping at sound clinics. On behalf of the BRC, he also runs the FMF/BRC Sound Testing Program for OHVs.

A number of the troops asked me to do a sample sound check on my bone stock 2001 Suzuki 1500 V-Twin Intruder using the test procedures of the SAE – J2825 20 inch sound test for street motorcycles.

Results for the 1500 Intruder:
Idle – 80.4 dBA
2000 rpm – 85.5 dBA

It appears this test procedure leaves plenty of room for healthy sounding aftermarket street exhaust systems, while screening out the obnoxiously loud street bikes.

This is a very good step for motorcycling!

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