Saturday, July 25, 2009

CA Budget Deal - OHV Program Survives for Now

First, I want to thank all the troops for responding to the various budget-battle related email alerts that were sent out in recent weeks. Based on feedback from sources in Sacramento, it appears the core OHMVR program will continue to exist for 2009/2010.

That means the SVRAs and grant programs to various federal and county land agencies and law enforcement groups will remain.

It does appear that legislators “borrowed” an additional $20 million dollars or so from several holdover or special accounts in the OHV program. Unlike the $90 million dollars that was borrowed recently, no time has been slated for these funds to be repaid.

The General will reserve commentary on the California budget mess for a later date. However, I will say one thing now and that is this debacle should sound a clarion call to lawmakers in Sacramento that “change” under the Dome is needed. “Borrowing” (some folks call it stealing) dedicated funds from user pay programs such as OHMVR or from local governments is no way to do business and sends a chilling message to the voters and tax payers in California.

Good news – OHV Program stays! Bad news – we may see this whole thing repeated in 5 months.

We are not out of the woods yet – IMHO.

Thanks for your service!!!


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