Thursday, May 30, 2013

Town of Stonyford Welcomes OHV Community Back to the Mendocino NF

Phil Ray (L), longtime resident of Stonyford and owner of Honda/Kawasaki/KTM
of Modesto, and Don Amador (R), owner of QWR and West. Rep. of BRC sit on historic
landmark bench in front of the Stonyford General Store
On behalf of the Town of Stonyford, HQ wants to extend a warm welcome to all the OHVers who have waited for almost one year to return to their favorite riding area.  I had a coffee conference this am with several of the City Fathers and business owners who are excited about having the off-road community back on the Forest.   They said it has not been the same with everybody gone.
Restored Trail Thru Impacted Area

Actually, it has been a real hardship for the local grocery store to stay in business during the closure period.  HQ is encouraging riders to stop by the store on your way up to Fouts and Davis Flats this weekend and buy some provisions.  The store has everything from fine cuts of rib-eye steaks to 120-link #520 chain.  When you are in there, be sure and say hi to the store’s owner, Trish Dearman.
Trail Marker with Vehicle Types Allowed

HQ expects the route network to be about 99% open with the exception of a couple very steep short sections off of Sullivan and Little Sullivan Ridges.

New Trail Width Restrictor

Again, riders can do their part to celebrate the reopening of Stonyford by riding only on designated and signed routes and honoring the vehicle width restrictions.  The agency has worked hard to install width restrictors to help the public identify which routes are appropriate and legal for their vehicle types.  The vertical trail markers should also have the symbol of the vehicle type allowed.

Have a fun and safe weekend at Stonyford!
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  1. Thanks for reminding eveyone to stay on designated trails. And thanks to all who helped get this area reopened!

  2. A great place to ride and we need to stay vigilant on issues about the area-I can see enviros attacking our Stonyford/Mendocino Ntl. Forest OHV access-Wilderness/National Monument anyone!