Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stonyford Set to Reopen June 1 - Stay on Designated Routes

The Recreation HQ is very proud of all the trail volunteers and agency staff who have worked hard since last fall to help prepare damaged routes in preparation for the long anticipated June 1, 2013 reopening of the Stonyford OHV Area to non-street legal and street legal OHVs.

As many of you know, this area on the Mendocino National Forest was hit hard in July 2012 by the Mill Fire which burned about 82K areas in the heart of the trail system.  As it reopens, HQ wants to remind riders to stay on the designated route network. 

Much of the natural vegetation that helped delineate the trails was destroyed in the fire.  Vegetation that once obscured old skid roads and closed routes that are not part of the designated trail network is also gone and riders will have to pay careful attention to make sure they are on a legal route.

Staying on designated routes will be critically important in helping to keep the area open for OHV use through this summer and into the fall riding season.  There is still a lot of work to do but staying on the legal routes is one thing that you can do to help ensure continued OHV access to the area.

When you are on the trail, be sure and look for route markers that identify legal routes.  The FS staff and volunteers have worked hard to help get trails marked and install or rebuild erosion control measures such as rolling dips and catch basins.  Be sure and thank the FS staff when you see them on opening weekend.

HQ wishes all OHVers who have waited patiently for the area to reopen the very best and hopes to see you on the trail or at a volunteer work event.
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  1. Be sure and ck out new blog today (with photos) about the Town of Stonyford welcoming OHVers back! Very cool.