Friday, May 10, 2013

CA Trail Users Alert - Ask Gov. Brown to Keep CA in the RTP


The Recreation HQ is asking all of our non-motorized and motorized readers in CA to take a minute and send a short letter to Governor Brown today asking him to keep California in the National Recreational Trails Program (RTP).   If California opts-out, it could start the dominos falling in other states.

BRC and other recreation groups have issued alerts with info about this issue.

BRC Alert on RTP Alert for CA Trail Users

In many states - particularly in states with no OHV program - OHVers rely entirely on funds from RTP for their motorized projects.   HQ believes Governor Brown may take the advice from some in Sacramento and opt-out of the program UNLESS he gets a short message from you.

HQ has a link below to all of the RTP grants given in California between 1993-2012.  Many of them are related to OHV or OSV.  You can check and see what motorized or non-motorized group, county, or agency has received a RTP grant in CA.

Link to RTP Report of Grants from 1993-2012

Here is a draft letter that HQ has prepared for those of you to use if needed.  Send in a letter today and also consider writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.  (Yes, I have already sent in my personal letter and sent a letter-to-the-editor of my local newspaper)

Governor Jerry Brown
State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814
FAX: 916.558.3160

Re: Keep CA in the National Recreational Trails Program

Dear Governor Brown:

As a trail user in California, I urge you to continue this state’s participation in the federal government’s Recreational Trails Program (RTP).   If California opts-out of RTP is could have a devastating impact on the entire program.  The success of RTP depends in each state being an active participant in the program. 

RTP is an environmentally sound program that supports both non-motorized and motorized trail projects.   It is a program that benefits trail-based tourism in California and helps support local economies and businesses.

Again, I urge you to please continue California’s participation in RTP.



Joe Trail User
Any town, CA


HQ thanks all trail users in advance to taking time to send in a short letter that will benefit trail enthusiasts on a national basis.


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